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We understand how important it is for libraries to continuously push the boundaries on creating a better experience for their academics and students using their services. Taking a step back, looking for ways to do more or simply ensuring that you have the most optimal setup is important. And it can be very difficult, especially when you are so close to it and otherwise busy supporting students and academics.

We can help. We have years of experience working with different libraries at different institutions and helping with their challenges. Whether you are thinking about:

  • maximising the return on your investment, or
  • something that is not working, and believe there must be a better way to do it, or
  • find new areas for further development to complement your services, or
  • simply shaking things up to move your services to a new level

The Business Process Review

This will consist of a structured on-site workshop facilitated by a member of our Services Team, focused on areas you want to assess or improve. You will then receive a detailed report of the discussions from the workshop, and recommendations of actions you could take to achieve your objectives. This is typically a two-day consulting package with Day One spent on the onsite workshop, followed by a day dedicated to generating the detailed report. 

"We recently undertook a business review process and looked at of our implementation of Talis.  Rebecca Carruthers spent time with us talking about our implementation and end goals.  Her final report provided a number of simple, easy to understand options for us to consider.  The time was well spent and we feel that we have the relevant information to make informed decisions that will ensure the best outcomes for our staff and students."

- Debby Macdonald, Team Leader, Acquisitions, Griffith University

Meet the Team

Our Services Team support over 85 institutions across eight countries using our products everyday. Additionally, members of our Services Team share over 20 years of experience working in Libraries and managing and delivering enterprise IT systems. 


Free 30 minute consulting call

Simply complete the form on this page to book your free call with a member of our Services Team. During this call, we will understand your requirements and objectives. We will discuss potential areas to focus on and how a Business Process Reveiw with Talis could help you. Following the call you will receive a summary of our discussion, and a proposal for your consideration.