Ensure your etextbooks are deeply embedded directly into courses with Talis Aspire

Over 60% all UK universities use Talis Aspire to manage their official course reading lists. Talis Aspire provides students with effective and seamless access to the digital resources that matter to them, within their existing learning contexts. This creates new opportunities for innovative approaches from publishers, universities and technology providers.

Talis provides a unique opportunity to ensure your core etextbook are instantly available to students within the official course reading lists, from the university learning management system.

"SAGE Publishing is committed to supporting our academic community by providing them with the materials that they want in the formats that best suit their needs. We are delighted to be collaborating with Talis and DMU in this trial to ensure that our next generation of students have access to the highest quality content in the interactive and digital formats that they need.”


- Tony Histed, Sales Director, SAGE Publications.

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Alan Brine, Head of Archives and Resources Management at De Montfort University talks about their drivers for running a core Textbooks pilot this academic year, and why they have selected to work with Talis.

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Make sure your etextbooks are available to students at the point of most need

Talis Aspire is where faculty make purchase recommendations that inform university acquisition strategies for core digital content, and where hundreds of thousands of students go to discover and try to access their core readings every day.

Negotiate directly with academic libraries

Talis Aspire facilitates direct publisher to library dealings. Work directly with those seeking to procure your textbooks for faculty or large scale university etextbooks initiatives. Liaise directly with library or faculty prospects, gain access to crucial course level intelligence shared with you by customers and deliver pricing information directly into the library acquisition workflow.

Optimise student engagement with your textbooks

Talis Aspire removes artificial barriers to student adoption of your texts. No need for complicated redemption codes and reliance on ineffective or fragmented content discovery strategies. Our seamless integration with university systems ensures that the right students can automatically access the right learning content, from within the reading list and learning management system.

Partner with Talis

Work with Talis as we evolve services to provide unique publisher insight derived from aggregate reading list data.

Technology collaboration with VitalSource

Our collaboration with VitalSource gives us access to proven technology and existing industry-accepted DRM capabilities to reliably deliver your content seamlessly for consumption by the right students, directly from within their course.

“Students want to access their core-readings quickly. With millions of students finding out what they should be reading through online reading lists, Talis is already at the point of need. We empower UK universities to source and deliver e-textbooks and other learning materials directly into courses in a seamless integrated manner, combining Talis’ expertise in enhancing library workflows and acquisitions’ efficiency with VitalSource’s technology to deliver publisher content.”

- William Chesser, Vice president of business development, VitalSource

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60% of UK universities

Talis Aspire is used in over 60% of all UK universities to manage and deliver their official reading lists.

1.19 million students

More than a million students have access to Talis Aspire to find out the recommended readings for their coureses each year.

500k reading lists

Our cloud based SaaS is being used by thousands of academics to organise and share resources they use for teaching their courses everyday.

1.1 million reading intentions

Students are using their online reading lists to decide what they are going to read for their courses. More than 3000 intentions are set everyday.

5.8 million resources informing acquisitions

Academic libraries are making acquisition decisions everyday using information from reading lists.

Proven ecosystem

Talis Aspire integrates with all major library and learning management systems.