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Quotes about Talis Insight Europe 2016

  • "It's a really nice opportunity to see lots of people together, not just from Talis but generally from the world of libraries and suppliers... There were a couple of sessions for newbies like me, and those were really useful. That personalised touch was really pleasing for a soon-to-be customer."

    Rob Challis, Implementation Officer (Reading Lists Project), University of Bristol
  • “I find particularly useful the networking with colleagues and meeting people in the sector. I always find it useful to talk to a wide range of people in Talis, and being able to discuss topics from strategic to operational planning, as well as the nitty gritty of the products. The keynotes are interesting, as it's not just about Talis or reading lists, but about the wider environment and Higher Education landscape."

    Joanne Dunham, Head of Collections & Information Systems, University of Leicester
  • “The keynote speakers are very good as they help put everything you are doing with Talis into context. Last year my favourite talk was from Nick Bevan from Middlesex University, which was full of interesting ideas on how the library fits in with the overall institution. You also get opportunities to talk to some of the speakers, last year at the conference meal I found myself having a chat with Phil Richards, CIO from JISC. You don't get an opportunity to have these kinds of conversations in your day to day life! There are also a lot of practical things you can get from the days, what is happening now and in the future and ask questions. It also gives us an opportunity to speak to other institutions and share ideas."

    David Renfree, Librarian - Online Systems, University College Birmingham
  • "My experience is of collaboration and of a community of users, which is willing to share both positive and sometimes negative experiences for the benefit of other Talis users. It brings together like-minded people both from Talis itself as well as from all other sectors from the user community. Talis Aspire is flexible and can be used in many ways, so having the opportunity to ask questions and see what others are doing is just so useful."

    Clair Sharpe, Academic Liaison Librarian, University of Liverpool