Talis Insight Europe 2018 - Terms and Conditions

  • What does it mean to register? By registering for Insight individual is entering a contract to subsequently pay for their ticket. An invoice will be raised and sent to the institution by Talis. As long as invoice is paid within 30 days of being sent, the ticket price at time of registration will be guaranteed.
  • Invoice payment: will be due within 30 days of invoice sent. If invoice is not paid within 30 days, the price at the time of booking shall not be guaranteed.
  • Special prices: Unless any other special price promotion or offer is confirmed in writing by Talis to the user, invoice will be raised for the price as advertised on the website at time of registration.
  • Transferring tickets:
    • Transferring a ticket: tickets may be transferred to anyone else within the same institution. Tickets may be transferred any number of times, and must be done so in writing to Talis at insight@talis.com.
    • Two day ticket is valid only for same individual attending event over both days. If two separate people want to attend event on two different days, they must purchase two single day tickets.
  • Cancellations refund
    • A full refund will be returned to any cancelled tickets up to 21 days before the event.
    • After this date, cancellations may not be possible. Please write to insight@talis.com