Join our webinar to hear how to get the most of Talis Insight Europe. 

Talis Insight  Europe 2017 is a key date in the calendar which is a free two-day event bringing together library leaders and professionals in Higher Education, to explore the role of libraries in the institutional strategy and impact of technology on learning and teaching.

This webinar is to give attendees and potential attendees the opportunity to learn more about what Talis Insight includes. We will have a number of customers speaking to talk about their experiences of Talis Insight.

  • Rob Challis from University of Bristol, having attended his first Insight event last year will be speaking from a new customer's perspective on what he gained from attending our Talis Insight Europe 2016. 
  • David Renfree from University College Birmingham has attended Talis Insight for a number of years and speaks very highly of the event. David will be explaining why Talis Insight is an essential event in his diary and what he takes from the two day event.
  • Joy Cadwallader from Aberystwyth University will be speaking about the involvement that Talis Aspire User Group representatives have in the User Group awards and what she has gained from attending as the event has grown from the initial user group in 2014.
  • Joanne Dunham, Head of Collections and Infomation Systems from University of Leicester will be stating why she attends Insight and what she finds useful, along with tips for people who are attending for the first time. 
  • Clair Sharpe, from the University of Liverpool will be explaining what Insight is like from a Talis User Group Representative perspective and recommendations for attending the Talis User Group sessions. 

Key members of the Talis team organising Insight will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have and a preview of what is included on the agenda and key speakers.

Join us for a webinar to hear more of how to make the most of Talis Insight Europe on 5th April 2pm GMT. Sign up using the form on this page.